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What are Black Green Cattle?

The cattle and beef industries are currently changing dramatically, due to all the research surrounding greenhouse gas emissions and, for lack of a better term, cow farts. This has led to a number of different advances in the business, from no meat burgers that have taken a chunk of the market share, to what is now known as black green cattle.


What are black green cattle, exactly? The name says it all but needs to be broken down to be truly understood. Black cattle are cattle that we have all seen and probably consumed in various forms, from steak to burgers. However, black cattle as we once knew them produced a ton of emissions that are terrible for the environment. Black green cattle refer to cattle who produce a lower emissions per kilogram of weight, making them green or more environmentally friendly.


Much of this is done by providing them healthier food to eat, which leads to fewer emissions overall—and often provides a better beef product as well.




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