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Black Cattle

Why are Black Cattle so Popular in Marianna, FL?


There are a number of different types of cattle out there, but perhaps the most popular, at least in the United States and now in the Marianna, Florida area, are black cattle. Also known as Black Angus cattle or Aberdeen Angus, these cows have an incredibly high demand on the market for a number of reasons.


Perhaps the most notable reason is excellent marketing. We’ve all heard of Black Angus in restaurants, butcher shops or grocery stores and the sound of the name is as striking as any other name for beef out there, except for maybe Wagyu, which is prohibitively expensive. Due to the catchiness of the name, the demand for Black Angus has skyrocketed. However, taste also has a lot to do with it as well, making it one of the better types of beef out there.


These factors are what bring the highest prices for Black Cattle at the sale barn. The more of these on your farm, the better, in most cases.