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What is the best way to raise Cattle?


The answer to the best way to raise cattle is based upon what you want your cattle to be used for. If you want them to roam free and live out their days on the farm, then all they need is grass, among other foods, and shelter from predators and weather.

However, if you want your cattle to produce milk or beef, then they will need a bit more structure in their day to day existence. Beef cattle can be raised on grass and hay ideally, as they will produce better meat, less emissions and live happier lives. Dairy cattle should eat mostly hay, as it will produce better milk. Some feed and grain can also be given to these cows to fatten them up a bit, as long as there are no additives or hormones added to any of it.

Adjustments in how your cattle are fed will come when you actually see and eat their meat, or drink their milk, of course.