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Farm Black Cattle

Can You Make a Living off Farm Black Cattle in Marianna FL?


Farm black cattle, or beef cattle, is a growing business in Marianna, Florida, due to people wanting healthier options for the beef they consume than the inhumane slaughterhouse fast food burgers that are filled with hormones. That’s why more and more demand exists for farm black cattle. But can a beef farmer in Marianna, FL actually make a living off farm-raised cattle?


With a high demand they can, but they need to know what they are doing. What a black cattle farmer becomes is something between a farmer and a rancher, as they are dealing with livestock that is allowed to roam. Fences need to be maintained. Bulls and vets need to be invested in. The beef product that comes from your black cattle needs to be promoted.


It’s a unique business to be a part of and some cattle farmers can’t make it work. However, that’s nothing new in the ranching or farming business. Only the strong survive.