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Farm Cattle

How Farm Cattle are Different From Other Cattle


While cows may just seem like cows to the layman, there are actually a wide variety of them, based primarily on how they are raised these days. Most cattle that we eat in steaks and burgers are raised on ranches or are part of livestock farms, which basically raise cows to be killed in slaughterhouses.


However, there are also farm cattle, which as their name suggests, are cows that live on farms. These cows chew cud and graze and their leisure. Many are raised to produce milk and be dairy cows, while the bulls are meant to breed with them. Others are slaughtered for their meat, however since they are grazing freely on an open range, often have healthier, better meat than cows who meet their fate in a slaughterhouse. Farm cattle are also better for the environment overall.


So when deciding what type of milk you want to drink or beef you want to eat, consider farm cattle above all others.