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Florida Cattle

The Growing Popularity of Marianna, Florida Cattle

When people think of cattle farms and ranches, their minds go somewhere between the dusty Western expanses of Texas to the green fields of Indiana. Few people think of the humid, swampy areas of Florida—however, more and more high quality cows are coming from the Sunshine State.

Much of this is due to the demand for green cattle, meaning the cows are more environmentally friendly and need to graze off the land in order to fall into this category. In places that lack rainfall, cattle will either eat all the grass or the grass will die in the drier summer months. However, this type of drought rarely ever occurs on grassy, marshy fields in Marianna, Florida, making free-range cattle a more realistic business.

So don’t be surprised to hear your steak or burger came from Marianna, Florida cattle in the near future, as they are actually helping to save the environment.