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Green Cattle

The Growing Trend Towards Green Cattle


As more and more of the public is finally beginning to heed warnings about the growing impacts of climate change and global warming, different major industries are beginning to respond, both due to their own responsibilities and the change of the market. One of these is the beef industry, which has been cited as one of the lead contributors to greenhouse gas emissions due to cow flatulence—both burps and farts.


That’s why there has been a growing trend towards what are becoming known as green cattle, or cows that release fewer emissions per kilogram of weight than a standard cow. Much of this is due to how these cows are raised and what they are fed, specifically eating grass on the open range and not consuming hormone-infused feed. This requires cow farmers and ranchers to change their business practices to help save the environment.


Most are complying, both out of environmental responsibility and the understanding it is what the market now demands.